Game Networking Manager
An open source networking layer for REALbasic

GNM is a general use networking layer for REALbasic. It handles all of the dirty stuff, so you can take care of the fun stuff...

• Developed with REALbasic 5.5

• GNM will automatically recognize and connect to other GNM clients on a network, it can directly connect via IP as well.

• Messages are sent using an easy Event Type - Event Data structure. Events can be broadcast, or sent to a specific user.

• Designed to be cross-platform (Though only tested on MacOS X)

Want to know more? Check out the Project Page, download the source code, and find out!

Also, check out NetSolitaire for a further example of how GNM can be used.

If you appreciate the work that has gone into GNM then please consider making a Donation via PayPal. Logo